Frequently Asked Questions

(Leased Monthly) 1st steps upon your subscription to the white label live chat server

Your server will be set up within 24 hours of you supplying the required data, as outlined below;

If you need any assistance with getting these together, please let us know by sending a ticket.

Your server will be running on your own brand, therefore we will need the followings;

Please set up a domain or a subdomain on an existing domain for your chat server.
Such as: “” or ““.

Point this domain or subdomain to the following IP address (This is the IP address of your leased chat server hosted at our server farm /Amazon Web Services/)


Set up an Email address which your system will use for sending system related messages.
This email address is usually “” etc….
We will need the Email address, password, incoming/outgoing mail servers, SMTP details

Next, we will need your branding images for your private label system/software such as the:
- logo in the chat client software - please send your logo in editable format such as .eps or .ai
- the company name
- hyperlink you want in the chatbox and the software (this is normally your marketing website

When complete, please create a ticket and upload the required info.

Optional but recommended:
If your customers use a combination of http:// and https:/ pages, you should purchase an SSL certificate for the domain/subdomain of your chat server and send it along the branding images. It will be installed on your chat server allowing your clients to use the chat everywhere.

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